Anchorage, Alaska cityscape

The Alaska Film  Industry Tax Credits are attractive, making our beautiful state even more appealing for your film or tv project. You probably already know the details. But don’t fail to notice the local-hire provision!

By working with Alaska-based contractors, productions not only benefit from local knowledge, but they also receive an additional 10% tax credit (up to 44%!).

Combine this tax incentive with ZatzWorks’ competitive rates, the fact that we don’t charge for standby days on our helicopter, there are no daily minimum flight hours, and we burn less than 1/3 the fuel of an A-Star (which burns over $250/hr in fuel) and the savings are huge. Not to mention the advantages of working with an Emmy-award winning operator with over 25 years of Alaska experience!

Clearly the benefits extend way beyond cost. Saving money means more flight time, more footage, and more great options for your editors. Learn more about the Alaska Film Tax Credit here.