ZatzWorks now offers the only ZatzWorks modified Cineflex® V14 with a field swappable Alexa or Sony imager.   We now swap cameras and lenses in the field in just over an hour. Need Alexa (or Epic)?  No problem.  Need the Sony with the big lens?  No problem.

We can shoot perfect, stabilized aerials using the beautiful Alexa-M for scenic and medium shots, and then switch to the Sony for super-telephoto shots with our 42x Fujinon lens.

Last month we introduced the Alexa M with the 4k Canon 30 to 300mm lens, and this month ZatzWorks is adding the 14.5 to 60mm wide angle Canon 4k.  For the Sony we have both the 42x and the 13×4.5mm wide angle.

Switching between the Sony and Alexa is a snap on the inside:  We simply remove the control for our HDCAM SR recorder and snap in the Alexa controls.  Swapping out the Sony imager and installing the Alexa M is also a snap.  We can do it in just over an hour!