Zatzworks V14 with Red Epic shooting 4k in the Arctic for the BBC

ZatzWorks is now shooting 5K with Alaska’s first gyro-stabilized Red Epic system.

Last week we shot 4k at 120fps for the BBC in the Arctic.  This week we shot for National Geographic and Discovery shows at 4k.  The images are great, and our clients are saying, “The 4k stuff looks awesome!”

The ZatzWorks-modified Cineflex® V14 not only shoots amazing 1080p with the original Sony camera, and we are now shooting perfectly stabilized Alexa 3k, and Epic 4k and 5k.

Zatzworks hired a team of engineers who spent the last year creating an interchangeable imager system that let’s us shoot with the Sony 1500, Alexa M, or the Red Epic.  We can shoot wildlife with the Sony 1500 and 42x Fujinon, and then we can switch to the Epic with Canon 4k lenses for wides and scenics in less than 40 minutes.  It’s super sweet.

Last year we created the first Cineflex V14 that can be field-swapped in the field to use the Alexa M.   Now, with the release of the Epic conversion, we’ve moved up to 5k.