8C1A2578In early July, ZatzWorks tracked the Porcupine caribou herd across the northern range of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Working with BBC Worldwide Productions and the BBC Natural History Unit, our crew and helicopter based out of Kavik Camp (Life Below Zero) and filmed the famous caribou migration.  This was cinematographer Daniel Zatz’s twelfth year working with the herd– he  first tracked the Porcupine herd in 1989 and has returned every few years since.  Two years ago we shot the migration for German television with the Cineflex and an Alexa M.  This year, our super-upgraded Cineflex was carrying a Red Dragon and everything was shot at 4k and 5k.  Some images can be seen below.  What isn’t included are images of all the mosquito bites.

On this expedition, we had three missions in the Arctic which included shooting for the National Geographic series Life Below Zero, shooting a natural history segment for the BBC’s Natural History Unit, and work for a private client. By combining the three jobs, we were able to ferry our R66 turbine helicopter to North Slope and back without charging any of the clients a penny for the eight-hour transit or the Cineflex travel time. Such savings reduce productions costs and also our carbon footprint— it’s a real win-win.