Alaska2015_MP-3485 Producer/Director Alastair Lee gave us the job of planning and shooting the first-ever climb of the Citadel in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.  Original envisioned as an HD shoot, Alastair decided to future proof his production using the Dragon at 4k, and the results are impressive.  This was the last job for our trusty R44 piston helicopter – next up is the turbine.   We had a great shoot in spite of the fact that Alastair told us the mountain was 3000′ but it turned out to be 3000 meters!  Luckily, with a light crew the R44 can operate above ETL at these altitudes.




Snow and icing is a challenge in Alaska, even in May, but with super pilot Deb Moseley we captured terrific images of the mind-blowing climbers.  See the link below for a short clip from the shoot.

“Thanks for all your help, that was one of best times I’ve experienced shooting in the mountains.  The images are amazing,” says Alastair.  Check out the video on his Facebook Page by clicking here.