8C1A2612The ZatzWorks team shoots throughout Alaska.  We also operate Arctic Built LLC which designed, built and fabricates the worlds’ first FAA and EASA utility mount for a large gimbal or LIDAR on the front of an R44 or R66 helicopter.  We’ve logged nearly four thousand hours flying across Alaska in our R66 Turbine and  R44 helicopters.   The R66 is powerful (easy hover with a gimbal, three people and full fuel), smooth (super smooth like a well-aligned A-Star), and half the cost of an A-Star to operate.  See what we can do with it! Click here.


What’s more, the R66 has performance that makes it an awesome filming platform.  We hovered at 12,500′ at 50% power during our early tests.  During filming, it’s smooth, maneuverable, quiet outside and comfortable inside.  There’s also baggage compartment that’s perfectly designed so the gimbal easily stows for long ferry flights.   This hugely lowers costs for clients while providing the smoothest and most cost-efficient machine available in the Alaska.

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FAA Helicopter Test Pilot Al Wilson conveying the multiple STC for the R66 Utility Camera mount with Daniel Zatz in 2015.