8C1A2612The ZatzWorks team shoots aerials throughout Alaska.  We also operate AgileCine Engineering LLC which upgrades Cineflex® V14 and Elite systems to upgrade old gimbals to 4K, 6K and 8K sensors.  Additionally,  we now build R44 and R66 utility mounts under the company Arctic Built LLC . The company designed and fabricates the worlds’ first FAA and EASA utility mount for large gimbals like the Cineflex V14/Elite, GSS C516 or Dynamic Perspectives DynaX5.  Several LiDAR systems also use the mounts including Phoenix LiDAR systems and others.  The mount puts the camera/sensor forward of the skid and allows for true cinema work and an unobstructed LiDAR view using the R44 and R66 helicopters.  We’ve logged nearly four thousand hours flying across Alaska in our R66 Turbine and  R44 helicopters using these mounts, and the ZatzWorks demos are mostly shot using either the R44 or R66 using the Arctic Built LLC mount.


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FAA Helicopter Test Pilot Al Wilson conveying the multiple STC for the R66 Utility Camera mount with Daniel Zatz in 2015.