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New Demo Reel

Check out the new ZatzWorks  demo!   Shot with our helicopter and 6k stabilized gimbal camera system, it was crafted using our HD and Ultra […]

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Alaska Caribou Aerials @4k

In early July, ZatzWorks tracked the Porcupine caribou herd across the northern range of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Working with BBC Worldwide Productions and […]

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Arctic Built R66 and R44 Camera Mounts Built Here!

The ZatzWorks team shoots throughout Alaska.  We also operate Arctic Built LLC which designed, built and fabricates the worlds’ first FAA and EASA utility mount […]

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Citadel at 4K

Producer/Director Alastair Lee gave us the job of planning and shooting the first-ever climb of the Citadel in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.  Original […]

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Flying Polar Bears Captured with Cineflex®

Late fall 2013 in Churchill, Manitoba– before ice forms on Hudson Bay polar bears enter the down of Churchill.  But not for long!  Wildlife biologist […]

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Introducing 5k Alaska Aerials!

ZatzWorks is now shooting 5K with Alaska’s first gyro-stabilized Red Epic system.

Last week we shot 4k at 120fps for the BBC in the Arctic.  This […]

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ZatzWorks now offers the only ZatzWorks modified Cineflex® V14 with a field swappable Alexa or Sony imager.   We now swap cameras and lenses in the […]

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ZatzWorks ARRI Alexa Stabilized System on Schedule

This month we began shooting with our ARRI Alexa in the modified Cineflex®.  Most of you know the Alexa, a Super 35 sensor with 14 […]

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