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ZatzWorks now offers the only ZatzWorks modified Cineflex® V14 with a field swappable Alexa or Sony imager.   We now swap cameras and lenses in the […]

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ZatzWorks ARRI Alexa Stabilized System on Schedule

This month we began shooting with our ARRI Alexa in the modified Cineflex®.  Most of you know the Alexa, a Super 35 sensor with 14 […]

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ZatzWorks Shoots for Smuggler and AT&T

The latest AT&T ad created by Smuggler is out, with Cineflex® aerials provided by ZatzWorks.  This winter shoot was based in Valdez and involved tracking […]

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Across the Arctic at -27F shooting for Nat Geo’s Life Below Zero

The ZatzWorks crew shot deep-winter Cineflex® aerials across the Arctic from Alaska’s west coast to the Canadian Border in an epic 3000 mile winter tour. […]

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Helicopter aerials of Alaska Railroad

This spring the ZatzWorks helicopter and Cineflex® continue shooting HD aerials of the Alaska Railroad for UK based Windfall Films.  We’ve had a few encounters […]

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ZatzWorks Cineflex Captures Aleutian Killer Whales Attacking Gray Whales

Working in the remote western coast of Alaska, the ZatzWorks Cineflex® and Helicopter completed a six-week expedition for NHK Japan’s Natural History Unit.

Our Cineflex® team […]

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Discovery, National Geographic, Nature/PBS, BBC, and here’s the Sampler

We have four Emmy Awards specifically for our Alaska productions, and you’ve already seen our work in dozens of Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC and PBS […]

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Cineflex Aerials of the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska NPRA

We flew the ZatzWorks helicopter and Helicopter to Kotzebue and then north to the National Petroleum Reserve NPRA to capture images of the caribou migration.  […]

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