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Filming bears with the Cineflex and F900

We continue work on the Katmai program using the HDCAM and our Alaska based Cineflex. The bears are magical, and we are reminded again […]

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Our Cineflex in Alaska shooting Bristol Bay Fishing

It’s the single busiest fishing day in more than twenty five years. Our Alaska-based Cineflex is filming the event from our helicopter and capturing […]

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Cineflex in Alaska’s Arctic

Along with a crew working for PBS Nature, ZatzWorks traveled to the Arctic in search of Alaska’s largest caribou herd. The Western Arctic Caribou […]

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Two-year Katmai project begins with volcanoes

This month we began a two-year project to capture aerials and ground shots of the natural beauty of Katmai National Park, Alaska with the Cineflex […]

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Biological assesments from over 3000′

ZatzWorks is helping walrus scientists assess the size and composition of Alaska’s walrus population.  Using our Cineflex from over 3000′, we are capturing images that […]

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Bald eagle’s view of Alaska

Ever wonder what a bald eagle flying over Alaska sees?

From our experience shooting cineflex aerials all over the State of Alaska, we can tell you […]

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Cineflex in Alaska – April demo online

April was a busy month for the ZatzWorks Cineflex and helicopter in Alaska. We captured aerial footage ranging from air to airs of migrating swans […]

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Robotics–filming from 100 miles away with a latte

Most producers know about our Cineflex aerials and wildlife cinematography in Alaska. We also build robotic camera systems that operate over long distances. […]

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