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Check this one out! We just shot this at 5k with our R66 nose mount, Epic-W, Canon 50-1000mm lens in the AgileCine Upgraded Cineflex Elite. from Shot by Daniel Zatz on Vimeo.


Zatzworks 5k aerial of Alaska wolf along the shore of Cook Inlet/Shelikof Straights from Daniel Zatz on Vimeo.

30 sec 4k aerial sequence of Alaska’s Tanalian Aviation R44 Helicopter from Daniel Zatz at ZatzWorks.


Spotmatik producers Jon Paul Careless and Marketa Oherova challenged us to capture our friends Konrad and Gaby Schaad climbing in the Alaska wilderness this week. We used our upgraded Cineflex V14 with the Red Dragon and Canon 50-1000mm lens. John Spencer controlled the R66 helicopter while whipping winds made the mountain flying a real adventure. Check out the images!

These are some of the first air-to-air wildlife shots of Alaska bald eagles captured with a gyrostabilized 50-1000mm 4k lens. Zatzworks filmed these aerials at 120fps, at 4k resolution using our AgileCine upgraded Cineflex with a Red Dragon and the big canon lens. The platform is the ZatzWorks R66 helicopter with our custom-built R66 STC camera nose mount.

ZatzWorks 4k Alaska Aerials of the Porcupine Caribou Herd in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ANWR.  With the 

help of  friends like Dennis Miller of Caribou Air Service, Gary Porter or Bald Mountain Air , and Sue Akins at Kavik Camp, we captured some Alaska aerials of this

caribou herd using our Red Dragon and Canon 30-300 lens.  Some of this material was captured with the Fuji 42x lens with an Arri B4-PL adapter (this was shot

before the 50-1000 was available).  The clip is silent, so please play your favorite music in the background!

ZatzWorks captured these images while helping Dorsey Pictures work on their Alaska Bush Pilots series.  These were all captured in 4k and 5k with our Red Dragon with the 50-1000 Canon lens installed in our AgileCine upgraded Cineflex stabilized system.  All of these images were captured in roughly 15 minutes– it’s the sort of work that we can do with our R66– and not with our drone.

Springtime in Alaska means the return of daylight and salmon. In the Bristol Bay watershed, millions of sockeye salmon will soon flood rivers and streams. Zatzworks 4k Alaska Aerials captured these images with our stabilized upgraded Cineflex to help show the world the richness of the this amazing part of the world.


Along with the music of Johnny Bushell (Johnny B.)  from our hometown of Homer, Alaska, Zatzworks created this gift to our community.

It’s a glimpse into the amazing world that a visitor to Homer Alaska can see if traveling just 99 miles from the center of town.

Much of this was shot at 1080p HD, and some is captured in 4k, 5k, and 6k UHD using the ZatzWorks R44 and R66 helicopters

and the ZW Aviation R44 and R66 STC helicopter camera mounts.


This short clip was captured April 2, 2016 using our AgileCine-Upgraded Cineflex with a Red Dragon and 50-1000 Canon 4k lens. Shot at 90fps and at the far end of the lens, these shots illustrate the stability of the upgraded system even with the biggest lens.

Zatzworks Alaska Brown Bear Stabilized Gimbal Footage from Daniel Zatz on Vimeo.

The older demo is here, it’s not bad, so check it out!


Our May 2013 ARRI Alexa demo with the 30-300 lens is Here.

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to nature and environment aerials, Daniel Zatz’ cinematography is simply astounding.  Although we work with aerial crews across the planet, whenever I work with Daniel, I find myself asking, ‘How on earth did he do that?!’
Niobe Thompson, Clearwater Media
Your work always far exceeds our expectations. You are second to none in the aerials world.
Grant Kahler, Discovery Channel
The aerials look amazing…both editors have separately commented on how stunning they are!
Jeff Wilson, BBC Natural History