ZatzWorks is the complete solution for Alaska aerial filming

Shooting aerials with our Alaska-based 5k aerial systems and helicopter will uplift production values, reduce costs and save huge hassles. Here’s why:

  • Focus: We are 100% focused on Alaska aerials for the broadcast, commercial and film markets. See what the BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery and others say about our work.
  • Quality: Our clients rave about our work, and we have four Emmy’s, plus many other awards for cinematography.  But you be the judge.  Check out the Demos.
  • Turnkey: We handle everything including getting our helicopter and stabilized camera system to your shooting locations. You say go, and we take care of all the details– even for productions in the most remote parts of Alaska.
  • HD, 4k, 5k, 6k: We offer our AgileCine upgraded Cineflex® that enables in-field swapping between the Alexa-M, Alexa XT or RED Dragon cameras.  We also offer our Alaska-based Canon 4k 50-1000mm, 30-300 and 14.5-60 lenses or the Fuji 42x with our Arri B4 to PL adapter.  Need the original Sony with a 42x?  No problem, we have that too.

6k Stabilized System + Operator + Our Helicopter

Our stabilized camera system, our crew and our helicopter– The entire package is totally dialed-in for cinema work.

  • Our helicopter with the world’s only FAA and EASA approved Robinson R66 nose mount (designed by us).
  • We offer our specially upgraded Cineflex that can carry 1080p, 4k, 5k, 6k cameras for ultimate production flexibility.
  • 42×9.7 telephoto lens and 13×4.5 wide angle lens for Sony.
  • 50-1000mm, 30-300mm  and 14.5-60mm 4k Canon lenses for Alexa and RED
  • Capture to PIX solid state recorder, Sony SxS, REDMag SSD.
  • Solid state recorder for instant capture/edit/review.
  • HD monitors for operator and producer.
  • A creative, experienced DP with four Emmy Awards and 25 years of remote Alaska filming experience.

We have a complete aerial package including the helicopter. It’s a package that reduces your costs and results in better images.

  • You don’t pay standby time for the piston or turbine helicopter, so there’s no rush, no panic, and we can do great work without stress.
  • You pay NO minimum daily flight time for the helicopter.  Fly as much as necessary and don’t pay for what you don’t use.
  • Less waiting– we are always rigged and ready to go when the your crew is ready.  No airline shipping, no lost luggage, no missing parts.  We are based in Alaska.
  • Everything works. Our helicopter is totally dialed in for cinema work. No power surprises. No RF issues. No communication surprises.
  • We know the limits of our machine and help your DP design shots that are achievable.

The images are better too. We have the only R66 turbine working with a gimbal in Alaska.  It’s half the cost of an A-Star and better than anything else.  Our crew has more than 1000 hours flying together in our helicopter. We gel, and that means better images and more creativity.  Also, our pilot isn’t a 23 year-old with a new license.  Our dedicated pilot has more than 23,000 hours of Alaska flying time– it’s a huge advantage.

Rates are simple.  Add these:  Camera cost per day+helicopter flight hours+fuel+expenses.
1. Which camera* (Sony HD $4200/day,  Alexa 2k $5700, or  Dragon 6k $5500/day)
2. How many flight hours for the turbine helicopter @ $950/hr.
3. How much fuel.  Fuel costs vary throughout of Alaska.  Generally the cost is $70/hr for flight time near Anchorage and the road system.
4. Crew expenses for overnight trips.
A typical day shooting 6k with 50-1000mm, 30-300mm and 14.5-60mm lenses:
Helicopter 3 hours @ $950 = $2850
Fuel 4 hours near Anchorage= $280
Expenses (not overnight so zero) = $0
Total cost:  $8630
* The camera package is complete.  This means camera, recorder, monitor, media, everything.  No extras unless you need a specialty lens or something really out of the ordinary.


** There is no minimum flight time per day, and no standby fee.  Flight costs are calculated based on how long the blades are turning.


Gimbal Rentals

It’s rare, but we do sometimes rent gimbals during winter months. Feel free to check with us to see if we can help.

Sony 1080P, Alexa 2k, or Red Epic 5k

ZatzWorks offers whatever camera you need.  For some clients, we shoot with the Epic at sunrise, swap to the Sony with the 42x lens for story shots during the day, and then swap back to the Epic for sunset shots.  We strive to create beautiful images and enhance stories at whatever resolution you need.