Ultimate Aerials

First came the Cineflex® V14 which set the standard for all aerial camera systems.  Later Cineflex introduced the Elite which carries an Arri Alexa.  Our system offers the best of all worlds with either the original Sony 1080p camera, Arri Alexa, or the Red Epic or Dragon installed.  Using our 42x lens or one of our new Canon 4k lens, our clients get the best of all worlds– you choose which camera and lens fits your needs for 1080p, 3k, 4k, 5k or 6k filming.   When new cameras are announced at NAB in April, we will offer the latest– perhaps 8k– as soon as the new equipment is available.

We also offer a host of 4k lenses including lenses from Canon and Angenieux.  The ZatzWorks modified Cineflex also includes a rapidly removable front lens port that allows for no-flare shooting into the sun for gorgeous sunrise, sunset and silhouette imagery.

For many of our clients we shoot at 4k for sunrise beauty shots, and then we switch to the Sony camera for story aerials using the 42x Fujinon lens.  Later in the day, we can swap back to the 4k camera with telephoto or wide angle 4k lens to shoot more scenics.  Swapping lenses and cameras now takes less than 30 minutes and can be done in the field.


Ultimate Gyro-Stabilization
The Cineflex® HiDEF leads the broadcast and production industry with its unparalleled gyro-stabilization, providing the smoothest shots even in the most rugged conditions. The system is lighter and more compact than competing systems, making it the superior choice for aerial production. In addition to aerial platforms, this system has proven capability mounted on cars, trucks, boats and other mobile platforms. The gimbal uses a professional broadcast capture device, the Sony® HDC-1500, to provide true scene fidelity. We use Fujinon® lenses for optical zoom capabilities ranging from the widest fields-of-view to the longest focal lengths available.

Arriflex Alexa

Since 2013, we have offered our Arriflex® Alexa M and Red® Epic/Dragon with Canon 30-300 and 14.5-60 4k cinema lenses as an alternative to the Sony 1500 imager in our gimbal upon request. Our custom upgraded Cineflex system gives our clients the option of either system and the swap between cameras and/or lenses takes just minutes. Now you can have it all with both the reach of the 42x lens and the gorgeous image of the Arri or Red cameras.

Exceptional Image Performance
The ALEXA is a top choice for many demanding DPs. The ALEXA boasts 14 stops of dynamic range, a base sensitivity of EI 800 and staggering, cinematic image quality. ALEXA’s artifact-free images show an enormous amount of information in highlight and shadow areas, while at the same time exhibiting a very low noise level. This translates into more creative choice during post-production. The 3.5K pixel count sensors deliver an optimum in image sharpness, sensitivity and latitude for HD and 2K DI workflows.

Robinson R44 II

ZatzWorks designed and certified the world’s first Robinson helicopter with a nose mounted Cineflex V14.  Our FAA certified mount was designed and built by the ZatzWorks team, and this awesome mount makes the R44 helicopter one of the finest filming ships for aerial cinema production with a lightweight crew.  We are now developing a mount for the R66, and our new turbine helicopter should be online with a camera mount by Spring of 2015.

Incredible Images. Cost-Effective Operation
Our R44 II has popout floats for operation over water, and with our forward mount, the R44 provides better forward and right-side views than many larger helicopters offer. Additionally, while an A-Star burns near 50 gallons per hour (gph), our helicopter burns about 15gph. It’s not the solution for everyone, but 90% of our clients love the lower cost and everyone loves amazing images we capture from our helicopter.